Happy Ending for a Friday

Last week one good samaritan and one kind park ranger called about a dog that was dumped in the Oakland woods, covered in ticks, and left to die. We obviously could not turn them away with a dog in such poor condition. Once they walked through the door, everyone was appalled at how terrible this dog looked and could not believe how he could have been abandoned. This dog was skin and bones at the most, covered with ticks and dirt. Alas, dogs have a way of seeing the best out of life. Even in his sickly condition, he walked in with a big doggie smile and a wagging tail. 

After several hours, our technicians had removed around 200 plus ticks off of an irritated "Park Dog." There was a priceless face of relief after his flea bath. Once a big bowl of food and water was gobbled down, all we could do was wait over the weekend and hope he would pull through. 

Monday came around and we were greeted with happy tail wags and an even bigger smile! A sense of relief washed over the hospital. More ticks were pulled off of Park Dog a.k.a Jake the Lorax. One of our employee's family member is interested in making their home Jake's forever home. We are all crossing our fingers everything will go well!

WARNING! Pictures of ticks will appear below. 

We are waiting for his forever home now. Send Jake the Lorax lots of love!


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