Canine Vaccines

Vaccinations and Immunizations are similar words .
Vaccinating pets is a critical part of pet's preventive health care. The purpose of vaccines is to stimulate pet's immune system so as to protect them from some of potentially fatal diseases.
We believe highly in preventive health care. We offer both core and non core vaccines .

Core vaccines include vaccines needed to protect  from potentially fatal disease like :

Distemper ,Rabies ,Hepatitis , and Parvovirus.

Non- core vaccines include vaccines needed depending upon pet's lifestyle and exposure. These include :

Kennel Cough, Lepto, and Lyme . 

Puppy vaccines start at 6 wk of age and then followed by every 2-4 wks till all vaccines are done.Once all puppy vaccines are done then only annual vaccines are needed. We offer puppy package at our office for as low as $230 which includes vaccines and first puppy exam.

Wellness Exam : We highly recommend doing one exam once a year . Pets tend to age faster so their one exam / yr is equal to human one exam / 5-7 yrs . During this exam , the veterinarian do full proper exam, discuss necessary testing  and vaccines needed at that time .

Heartworm test : We advise doing first heartworm test at age of 6 months and then annually . For prevention , topical and oral medications are available .

Fecal Test / Deworming : We recommended checking your pets feces for worms at least once a year as well as deworming.


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