Dental Care

Dental care is the most important part of your pet's health . Dental scaling is commonly recommended when periodontal disease is identified . Dental scaling is done by removing tartar and plaque using ultrasonic scalers  under general anesthesia . Even a slight head movement during procedure can lead to serious consequences so having a pet under general anesthesia is very important . Also, complete proper oral exam can be done once pet is under sedation. 

Further, dental hygiene can be maintained at home by routine teeth brushing, dental rinses and dental diets. Please avoid using human tooth paste and purchase one specifically designed for pets .

We routinely do dental scaling using state of art equipment at our facility .Pets are discharged the same day. We encourage to you drop off pets early morning between 8-10 am and pick up between 5-7 pm . 

This gives us enough time to prepare your pet for the procedure and monitor them after.

We give a lot of emphasis on preventive health care which includes dental too. We can give you a proper estimate at the time of examination of your pet. All prophylactic dental cleaning require a pre operative dental exam for a cost of $55.00.

Please, call us at (510) 531-0121 if you have any questions .  

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