Ear Cropping

Ear Cropping is a cosmetic surgery and is not meant for every pet. Please consult a Veterinarian before making a decision to get this surgery performed on your pet. The surgery may require long post operative care and postings in some breeds.We are not specialists but we do perform the procedure on regular basis on pets driving as far as four hours away from our location.

Prices and Requirements

1.Pets need at least 2 DHPP vaccines and Deworming prior to surgery--We WILL NOT do the surgery if your puppy does not have proof of at least 2 DHPP vaccines and deworming. Your pet should be current on vaccines for his/her age. If your pet is not current on vaccines , we will be happy to schedule vaccine appointment before the procedure. Vaccines start at 6wk age. We expect your to have received DHPP , corona , deworming at 6wks and DHPP , corona , deworming , kennel cough at 8-9 wk of age.

If you pet is current , please bring proof of vaccines or have your Veterinarian office  fax us at 510-531-9678 or email at [email protected].

2. All Ear Crop prices include an initial exam, the procedure, sedation, and IV catheter & fluids.

 AGE Pitbull & Bully

Doberman/Schnauzer/Cane Corso/Presa Canario/Mini Pin/Boxer/Others 

(Does not Include Great Dane. Please call for a quote)

 9-13 weeks call for quote call for quote
 14-16 weeks call for quote call for quote

*Over 16 weeks, please call for a quote. **Prices can vary based on pet's weight.

3. Additional optional but highly recommended charges include :

-Medicine to go Home (Antibiotics, Pain Medication, Tranquilizers if the pet is very active or if posting is needed). 

All pets undergoing sedation are highly advised to have a pre-operative blood test to determine liver/kidney and internal body functioning for safety; and clotting factors checked especially for Dobermans.

If you have any additional questions , please call us at 510-531-0121.

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